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About Dylan

With over 9 years experience in Network Marketing, Direct Sales & Internet Marketing, Dylan has become an influential leader in our industry! Born in Upstate NY Dylan grew up with 2 younger brothers & 2 step sisters. From a very young age his Grandparents where role models in his life, inspiring him to do more and ultimately the reason he became an Entrepreneur. He never met his real Dad and his Mom did her very best raising 3 boys, but it was the struggles that he saw his Mother go through that gave Dylan a burning desire to change the way he wanted to live his life when he became a Father in 2010. Time is truly the most valuable asset we all have in life & its not about the money or the success that truly Dylan it's what the time & success will allow us all to do with the ones we love the most! If you ever want to know what drives Dylan it is being the best father, husband & friend he can be to everyone that he is blessed to have in his life.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

Helen Keller

Dubli Cash Back

Dubli is truly a remarkable company! For years I have searched for a company that provides value to my network, friends & family. With Dubli they have it all. You can become just a customer and enjoy incredible savings without changing your buying habits or for those wanting to save month and make money at the same time they have that option as well.

Mobile Business Opportunity

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Direct Sales Company

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  • Thank you for all you do, I’ve learned so much from you in such a short period of time. Having a strong mentor is important in our industry.

    Sue T.
  • I struggled in Network Marketing for years until I met Dylan. Implement what it is that he teaches and you too can see the results your seeking.

    Lisa R.
  • Dylan’s does some amazing work with web/logo design. With his experience & vision I highly recommend him for your business.

    Brian S.


Dylan takes pride in anything he designs.

Logo Design

72 hr. Turn Around
  • 1 Custom Logo Created
  • 3 Modifications Allowed
  • Delivered In PNG Format
  • Installation Included If Necessary
  • Please Provide 3 Examples

Website Design

Get Noticed Online
  • Personal Website Developement
  • 1 Year Web Hosting
  • 1 Year Domain & Set Up
  • Installation & 90 Days Support
  • 3 Modifications Allowed

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